Alessandro Garrone

 "After the passing of my father, who had set up Fondazione Edoardo Garrone in 2004 to drive the social commitment of our family with tangible, innovative projects, the common desire to continue what he had so passionately and tenaciously achieved in many years, for the good of Genoa and of other cities was immediately obvious to all of us.

 So I agreed to be the President of the Foundation with the same dedication and the same sense of responsibility that I put into my corporate positions: we are well aware of what and how much value expertly produced actions to meet the community's real needs can create, not only  


in terms of social and cultural development but also from the viewpoint of economic fall-back.

We went to work straight away, particularly to confirm the foundation's original mission of creating initiatives generated in-house, with their own distinguishing features and that can contribute to innovation and progress, and benefiting young generations in particular.


Our commitment focuses on training and making the most of the resources and the cultural heritage of the territory; this is expressed through constantly updated planning attentive to the historical and social context.


In keeping with these guidelines, we decided to revive the Progetto Appennino, which my father fostered and explored for a long time in order to fully redevelop a significant economic, environmental and cultural heritage - the Apennines - abandoned for too long and that can now become a tangible opportunity for many young people striving for their own personal and professional realisation and who don't want to be forced to leave their Country for this - on the contrary, wanting to play a real part in its revival.

So, we began from the young people, with the ReStartApp Campus, offering them the first business incubator of the Apennines, an excellent course of studies that gives them the tools they need to be the key players of their future and to act pertinently and with a structured approach to their present.

Like many other projects of the Fondazione, dialogue and total collaboration with other public and private parties also made this possible. By cooperating and sharing complementary skillsets to achieve common goals, we firmly believe that the most satisfactory results - also sustainable in the long-term - can only be consolidated by working together and jointly managing the resources available.

On the basis of the values that have always inspired my family's work, and of the experience built up over our ten years of activity, Fondazione Edoardo Garrone is now continuing along its path to help build the "places" that we will inhabit in the future by selecting and making the most of the finest "materials" offered by the present - with a constant eye on the future and on improvement.

For my family the Foundation may be a "calling" and for the people who work with us it may be an exciting professional adventure, but we hope that for the people involved in our projects it can be an important meeting... to start out from!".

Short bio

Born in Genoa on 28 April 1963, he graduated in Economics.

In 1989 he married Carola Bozzo and they have three children - Maria, Filippo and Olimpia.

He has been President of Fondazione Edoardo Garrone since March 2013.

Since April 2012 he has been Executive Deputy Chairman of ERG SpA and Chairman of the Strategic Committee of ERG SpA, where he was CEO for ten years.

He has also been Chairman of the Board of Directors of ERG Renew SpA since April 2012.