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This page describes how our website manages the processing of personal data of visitors to the site. This information is provided - also pursuant to Section 13 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 (Italian Data Protection Code) - to anyone who interacts with the web-based services via electronic networks from the following address: "", which is the home page of the Fondazione Edoardo Garrone website. The information provided only applies to our website and not to any other websites that the user may link to from this site.


Data controller

Data concerning identified or identifiable persons who visit this site may be processed. The Data Controller is Fondazione Edoardo Garrone, with registered office in Genoa (Italy), via San Luca 2.


Place where data is processed 

Processing operations connected to the web-based services on this site take place in the aforementioned offices of Fondazione Edoardo Garrone only by staff assigned to the processing who have been appropriately instructed to keep data confidential. No information resulting from the web-based service will be disclosed or disseminated


Category of data processed 

  • Browsing data: The information systems and software procedures used to operate this website acquire personal data as part of their standard operations; the transmission of this data is an inherent feature of Internet communication protocols. This information is not collected to be associated with identified data subjects, but it might allow user identification per se after it is processed and matched with data held by third parties. This category of data includes IP addresses (a unique identifier of each computer using the Internet Protocol to communicate over a network), the domain names of the computers utilised by users connecting to the site, the browser (e.g. Firefox or Internet Explorer), the date, the time of the request and parameters relating to the user's operating system and computer environment. This data could be used to determine liability in the event of possible cybercrimes against the site and is in any case erased after being retained for six (6) months. Anonymous data is also collected and processed for the sole purpose of collecting statistics on the use of the site and to make sure it is functioning correctly.
  • Data provided voluntarily by users: anyone who freely, explicitly and voluntarily sends email messages to the addresses provided on this website must also send their address, which is necessary to receive a reply to any request, as well as any additional personal data contained in the message(s). In the Newsletter box, the personal data necessary to receive the Fondazione Edoardo Garrone newsletter is required; this is explained in more detail in the information on the aforesaid page and this data is stored in the website database.



The Fondazione Edoardo Garrone website uses cookies.

Cookies are small text files that the websites the user visits send to the computer (usually the browser); they are stored in the user's computer and sent to the websites at each subsequent visit. When browsing a website, users may receive cookies from other websites or web servers (so-called "third party" cookies). This happens because the visited website may contain items such as images, maps, sound files, links to individual web pages on different domains that are located on servers other than the one where the page being visited is stored.
Each browser has its own procedures for handling cookies; you need to access their settings sections to set up your preferences.
If you change the settings, this will only affect that particular browser and that particular device, so if you want to bring your other devices in line with those settings, you need to set your preferences on every browser.
The Fondazione Edoardo Garrone website contains a header banner with a short notice on how cookies are handled on the website. By agreeing or closing the header banner, you consent to the installation of both technical cookies and third-party profiling/social cookies on your device.
Pursuant to Articles 13 and 122 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, as Data Controller, Fondazione Edoardo Garrone, based in Genoa (Italy), Via San Luca, 2 informs you that it uses two types of cookies on its website:

  1. technical cookies;
  2. third-party profiling and social cookies


1. Technical Cookie 

Cookies relating to activities that are strictly necessary for the site to function and for the service to be provided on the site. Technical cookies do not require user consent, so they are automatically installed when the site is accessed.
Technical cookies may be session or persistent.

The use of so-called session cookies (that are not stored permanently on your computer and are destroyed when you close your browser) is strictly restricted to the transmission of session identifiers (consisting of server-generated random numbers) required to enable secure and efficient browsing of the site.
Persistent cookies (that are stored on your device until the expiry date they are given is reached) are sent to the server and remember you when you return to that website.


2. Third-party cookies

Third-party cookies (e.g. Google Analytics) are used for statistical purposes only; these cookies collect information that is used in aggregate form to monitor and analyse access to all areas of the site. Third-party cookies include social cookies that are used to share contents on social media.

a. Analytical cookies of Google Analytics. The website uses Google Analytics for statistical purposes only. These cookies collect information that is used in aggregate form to monitor and analyse access to all areas of the site. The information generated by the cookie on the use of the website is communicated to Google Inc.; we expressly refer you to the website for further details and if you want to disable their installation on your computer, since they are not required when browsing the Fondazione Garrone website.

b. Social cookies (Facebook, Twitter, Google +). Fondazione Garrone informs you that Facebook, Twitter, Google + cookies are not used on the Fondazione Garrone website and it does not send them to your computer. These cookies - which are not required to browse the Fondazione Garrone site - are activated when you access web pages containing social media icons, in other words when you access social media sites; refer to those sites for further details and to disable their installation on your computer:

How to reject or erase these cookies

If other third-party cookies that are not controlled directly by the Fondazione Garrone site are installed on your browsers, see the websites of the third parties concerned or the following sites:


Personal data contained in the cookies present on the Fondazione Garrone site is not distributed and is processed using automated systems for the time strictly necessary for the purposes for which it was collected. Specific security measures are taken to prevent loss, illegitimate or incorrect use of data and unauthorised access or access not in compliance with the purposes of the data collection.

A list of technical and third-party cookies is broken down by purpose and duration below.


Techincal cookies

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feg_it_promo 274 anni
cookie_policy 1 anno

Analytical cookies

_ga 2 years
_gat 10 minutes


Shared on Facebook 

act Session
c_user Session
csm Session
datr 2 years
fr 3 months
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lu 2 years
p Session
presence Session
s Session
xs Session


Sharing on Twitter

_ga 2 2 years
_twitter_sess Session
auth_token 10 years
b_ucm_296183033 3 months
eu_cn 1 year
external_referer 1 month
guest_id 2 years
kdt 2 years
lang Session
remember_checked_on 10 years

Sharing on Google+

APISID  2 years
HSID 2 years
NID 6 months
OTZ 1 month
OTZ 1 month
PREF 2 years
SAPISID 2 years
SID 2 years
SSID 2 years
__utma 2 years
__utmb 6 minutes
__utmc Session
__utmt 6 minutes

Youtube videos

GEUP  2 months
PREF  8 months
YSC Session


Most of the most commonly used browsers automatically accept cookies, but you have the right to configure your browser to block them, or view cookies before accepting or deleting them. You can also disable cookies by changing the settings on your browser, although this may slow down or block access to some parts of the site.
Below is a list of the most popular browsers and how to control your cookie settings on them:


1. Click on the Chrome menu icon
2. Select Settings
3. At the bottom of the page, click Show advanced settings.
4. In the "Privacy" section, click Content Settings.
5. Use the "Cookies" section and choose Block sites from setting any data.
6. Click Close.

Internet Explorer

1. Click the Tools button, then click Internet Options.
2. Select the Privacy tab. Under Settings, move the slider to the top to block all cookies or to the bottom to allow all cookies, then click Apply.


Mozilla Firefox

1. Click on the menu button and select Options.
2. Open the Privacy tab.
3. To disable cookies uncheck 'Accept cookies from sites'.



1. Settings > Advanced/Privacy & security > Cookies
2. Block third-party cookies and site data



1. Choose 'Safari' from the menu bar.
2. Choose 'Preferences'.
3. Click 'Privacy' in the preferences tab.
4. Select 'Always block' in the 'Cookies and website data' option.

The data subjects have all rights set out in Article 7 of Legislative Decree 196/2003; they may exercise their rights at any time by sending an email to " This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.," or in person at the Data Controller's premises.