"L'Italia s'è desta?" conferences



With the aim of promoting the sharing, use and spread of culture, art, science and their most significant forms of expression, our foundation organises and endorses a series of events and meetings designed for the general public under the umbrella name of "L'Italia s'è desta?" (Has Italy awakened?) 




and broken down into four conversations, hosted by Giovanna Zucconi, with famous names from the world of economics, Made in Italy business, art and science.


"L'Italia s'è desta?" – Cycle of meetings 


Four discussions with an economist, a Made in Italy businessman, an art critic and a scientist specialising in sustainable development: to determine whether the question can be turned into an affirmation, or if at least the signs show that we're heading in the right direction, and what we need to do to awaken Italy.

Economy, food, art, environment: the fusion of tradition and innovation, in our "know-how", in our manufacturing excellences, in the smart use of our unequalled cultural and natural heritage - this is where Italy's real legacy lies and this is what will drive our revival.

The cycle of meetings organised by Giovanna Zucconi was held at Palazzo Ducale, Genoa and aimed to interpret the current scene as well as to look towards a desirable - and possible - future.



Tito Boeri

The opinion of a great economist on Italy's prospects for recovery.

He is Professor of Economics and Dean for Research at Bocconi University, Milan and BP Centennial Professor at the London School of Economics; Scientific Director of Fondazione Rodolfo De Benedetti and of the Festival of Economics in Trento; he was Senior Economist at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and consultant to the World Bank, European Commission, International Monetary Fund and the Italian Government. 







Oscar Farinetti

The recipe of a successful businessman to awaken Italy.

Founder of Eataly, the upscale venue with the original format where you can shop, eat and learn about native Italian cuisine and fine quality food, Oscar Farinetti is now considered one of Italy's great businessmen, a visionary driver who has managed to disseminate and celebrate the Made in Italy style and the culture of fine dining and fine wine.


Philippe Daverio

Can art and culture help save Italy?

Art critic, journalist, writer and anchorman of art and culture TV shows for the Italian broadcasting corporation (RAI), including "Il Capitale", "Passepartout" and "Emporio Daverio".
He is a Professor of Industrial Design in the Architecture faculty of the University of Palermo, at the Politecnico and at the International University of Languages and Media (IULM) in Milan. He is chief editor of the magazine "Art e Dossier".


Luca Mercalli

The ideas of an expert scientific communicator to face an uncertain future.

Meteorologist, climatologist, Chairman of the Italian Meteorological Society and editor of the Nimbus Journal. He is known for his participation in television shows (RAI3 "Che tempo che fa"), newspaper and magazine columnist for La Stampa and Donna Moderna, he has described and explained the climate and energy crisis in more than 1300 conferences for the general public and at seminars for schools and universities.

He is an advisor to the European Union and has published a range of books, including the best-seller "Prepariamoci" (let's get ready - Chiarelettere, shortlisted for the 2012 Premio Selezione Bancarella literary prize).