Ceramics Museum project

The project

Building on its experience in projects for the training and involvement of young people in the cultural and entrepreneurial fields, Fondazione Edoardo Garrone supports the  Fondazione Museo della Ceramica di Savona Onlus in its search for people and projects to be tasked with the experimental management of the Savona ceramics museum.

Conferment of the experimental management - for a period of two years, with the possibility of extending this for another three years - will be preceded by a process in which the participants, individually or in groups, will be advised in formulating a business plan and an innovative management model that, in addition to hosting, cultural and educational mediation activities, will include all the museum management services, from ticketing to the organisation of events.




The goals

Select a new team to manage the Museo della Ceramica di Savona (MUSA - Savona ceramics museum), which proposes a sustainable and innovative business plan that meets the museum's management needs.

Conceptualise new management models that enhance the cultural value and tourism potential of Savona's ceramic heritage, relying on the creative skills, knowledge and experience of local and non-local players.

Strengthen ties between the Museum and the territory with a public-private collaboration in managing the cultural heritage.



The A ceramics futureHackathon Day

What's a Hackathon? The term Hackathon is borrowed from computer technology and is an event in which experts from across a range of sectors meet to engage in collaborative problem-solving. The A ceramics futureHackathon Day will be held on 16 January 2018 at the Savona university campus (Via Magliotto, 2, 17100 Savona) from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm.

Participants will be divided into teams, each one required to meet a number of design and creative challenges, by preparing and presenting strategic solutions to develop the ceramics museum.

The Hackathon Day is the first stage in the selection process to single out the profiles for defining a new management model for the Savona ceramics museum.

Registration is open until 13 December 2017.

To participate in the Hackathon Day, fill in the form located in the download area of the page. The registration form must be sent to museoceramica@fondazionegarrone.it by the deadline of 13 December 2017.


Intended recipients

The call to action is intended for freelancers and professionals in the cultural, tourism, creative, design and innovation sectors and for anyone who believes they possess the know-how to help develop the local ceramics culture and, in particular, to relaunch the Museo della Ceramica di Savona. Participation is also open to groups of people representing business enterprises, start-ups or associations.

For more information

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