Genova scoprendo


What is it? 

Genova Scoprendo (discovering Genoa) is a project generated by the desire to communicate and convey knowledge of the territory and of the cultural and historical heritage of Genoa to its young inhabitants by means of a training itinerary based on the principles of learning by experience and of peer education.

In recent years the training course has been enriched with themes aimed at developing models of fruition and sustainable development of the territory and active and responsible citizenship.





The programme targets Junior Secondary School students and teachers and is organised by Fondazione Edoardo Garrone in association with the Regional Education Board of Liguria and with the Accademia Ligustica di Belle Arti (Ligurian fine arts academy).

The theme and the method

The extremely topical core theme of the project - now essential in the daily routines of citizens, companies, Public Administration and Government Authorities - is sustainable development.

The training course also touches on other themes that fit in well with the school's teaching schedules and the transverse subjects, such as education in active and responsible citizenship, focusing specifically on the volunteer and social commitment-action areas.

Hence, sustainability and responsible citizenship are the common themes running through all the activities and all the school targets that partecipate at Genova Scoprendo. The teacher training stage, the issue of "alternating school and work" and the direct experience in cultural sites and districts are also extremely important.


The teaching approaches to the different stages of the project are the most innovative and in line with the instructions of MIUR (Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research) and include research-action for workshop learning, peer education and learning by doing.
Indeed, for the historical, artistic and cultural part, the schoolchildren are guided by the students from the Accademia Ligustica di Belle Arti who explain the origin, history and architecture of Genoa to the younger people.

The programme

The programme involves classroom activities and direct field experience. The Genova Scoprendo course of learning is broken down into different stages:

  • Preliminary introductory encounter
  • Direct field experience with tours of the city in contact with its historical, artistic and cultural heritage
  • Visits to volunteer organisations
  • Ecological visit with weighted waste collection and focus on their proper management and reduction
  • Project closure meeting with presentation of the students' final output

The project is free-of-charge to Schools for participating classes.