Villa Croce project

The project

The present economic and social context is increasingly distinguished by opportunities for exchanging and sharing and the consequent need to condense the results of those opportunities into concepts of innovative solutions. The key to making the most of Italy's huge artistic and cultural legacy lies in a concerted and integrated project at the territorial level, the virtuous partnership between the public and the private sectors, and the involvement of the design energies of young generations.

Sharing this deeply held belief, the Municipality of Genoa, Fondazione Edoardo Garrone and Fondazione per la Cultura Palazzo Ducale are proposing an innovative, completely free master's course to young people, along with the subsequent opportunity



to be selected for the experimental management of the Museo di Arte Contemporanea di Villa Croce (Villa Croce Contemporary Art Museum). The format is a new model to leverage and promote cultural assets, marked by business acumen and innovation, starting from a specific museum asset but with replicability and scalability in mind.


Goal of the Master's

The goal is to give young graduates or trade professionals an intensive, excellent educational and scientific course for their specialisation in the Management of Cultural and Museum Assets, and to encourage the creation of a team to leverage, promote and manage the Villa Croce Contemporary Art Museum.



The innovative learning format

The Master's targets young graduates and operators working in the world of culture, who want to develop their relevant competences and tools to operate in that context, willing to take on experience in museum management at the end of the course.

At the end of the course, each participating team will present a management and development business plan for the Villa Croce Contemporary Art Museum. A special assessment commission – composed of the Municipality of Genoa, Fondazione Edoardo Garrone, Genova Palazzo Ducale Fondazione per la Cultura and by the scientific coordinator of the Master's – selected the best plan based on the criteria of innovation, technical feasibility and mid-term economic sustainability. The Fondazione Edoardo Garrone awarded a start-up bonus to the value of 50,000 euro to the best plan.

The Scientific coordinator of the master's was Paola Dubini, Director of the Bachelor of Economics for the Arts, Culture and Communication (CLEACC) at Bocconi, Milan. Read her profile.


Participation was completely free.


Where and when

10 weeks, Tuesday to Friday from 19 January to 24 March 2016. 280 hours of training including face-to-face lessons, case histories, field trips and workshop for the planning and creation of a management and development plan for the museum asset. Lessons were held at the Villa Croce contemporary art museum in Genoa.


Notice deadline: 30 November 2015

Villa Croce Contemporary Art Museum, Genoa



In addition to the permanent collection of the innovative and forward-thinking Museo di Villa Croce – more than 3000 Italian and international abstract artworks, Genoese and Ligurian art from the second half of the 1900s, Italian graphic design from the late 20th century and the abstract art collection of Maria Cernuschi Ghiringhelli, with more than 200 artworks by some of Italy's leading contemporary artists – it annually hosts a series of international exhibition events, mainly a representation of artistic research exploring different artistic disciplines, from design to video, from installations to photography.


Villa Croce has implemented a positive experience of bringing together public and private sectors, through the collaboration of the Municipality of Genoa, Palazzo Ducale Fondazione per la Cultura and a group of private backers that since 2012 have been to the forefront in bringing the Museum back to life, guaranteeing an international programme of exhibitions, curated by the Art Director Ilaria Bonacossa.