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Our consolidated experience in the training area has, through the years, enabled many young people to start up their own businesses and to build new professional expertise in the field of cultural tourism







Many start-ups have been established and are developing and consolidating...

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Occhi di Ulisse

Occhi di Ulisse is an Italian filmmaking company that operates as an executive for films made in China and India.

The project began in 2009 as an initiative of a student of the Scuola di Alti Studi in Economia del Turismo Culturale Cattedra Edoardo Garrone ("Edoardo Garrone chair" school of postgraduate studies in the economics of cultural tourism) and another three partners with degrees in "Sciences of Tourism"; its goal was to integrate their academic knowledge of tourism with the professional skills built up in the field of multimedia communication-


Some facts and figures

The Occhi di Ulisse snc business project went through a radical change in 2012, to focus on three core businesses:

As consultants for tourist authorities and Italian regions in emerging markets, particularly in India and Brazil. Occhi di Ulisse has a portfolio that includes clients such as Toscana Promozione, the Valle d'Aosta region, Consorzio Turistico Vicenza, Lombardia Film Commission, Promos Milano and Museo 3D Rewind in Rome.

Executive production of Indian films in Italy, where the company has become leader in this sector, and launched its new brand "ODU Movies" at the 66th Cannes Film Festival (2013). Eighteen films have been made in just two years.
Musical fusion projects through events and courses between Italy and India, with the aim of bridging these two thousand-year-old cultures. In particular, Occhi di Ulisse works with the CPM - Centro Professione Musica music centre in Milan, created by Franco Mussida, guitarist in PFM.

Right now, Occhi di Ulisse is making a Chinese production film, and a documentary based on food and on Lucca, presented at EXPO 2015. Visit the website of Occhi di Ulisse.

Raduni in Sicilia by Daniela Seggi

Student of the Scuola di Alti Studi in Economia del Turismo Culturale - Cattedra Edoardo Garrone 2010

Raduni in Sicilia began its journey back in 2006 and is now an established business organising sports rallies and cultural events, mainly for the Mini Club market.
Some of the most successful events organised include: 

  • the first rally-twinning between the Mini clubs of Sicily and Malts in June 2013 in the province of Ragusa;
  • the fourth edition of the Mini Maremonti - a faithful and not competitive new take on the routes of the "Rally Mare Monti" sea and mountain rally between the provinces of Syracuse and Catania, a rally in the province of Caltanissetta in September 2014;

The social engagement is also strong, helping to organise "Un giorno diverso a bordo di una Mini" (A different day on board a Mini), a Sunday drive around the streets of Syracuse with the disabled youth of the "Diversamente uguali" association.

NeWine Consulting by Valeria Baglieri

 Scuola di Alti Studi in Economia del Turismo Culturale - Cattedra Edoardo Garrone 2011

NeWine Consulting was established in 2011 and is a specialist consultant in communicating and marketing wine targeting winemakers, associations and organisations involved in the value chain of the wine business, public administrations and tour operators.

The project mission: to promote wine as an experience of a territory and a driver of identity.

The vision: food is culture because it invented and transformed the world. It is culture when it is produced, when it is prepared, when it is consumed. It is the fruit of our identity and a tool to express it and communicate it.

The core business: Consulting, communications and marketing in the agro-food and wine tourism area for businesses and for the public administration. Organisation of events.

Additional services: Support and consulting for tour operators to build food and wine tours. Sponsorship.

L'Asino a regola d'arte by Rachele Brognoli

Turismo Culturale per lo Sviluppo dei Territori (Cultural Tourism for territorial development) - Santa Margherita Ligure (GE) 2013

After an experience of donkey trail riding in Emilia Romagna in the company of a large group of young people, in 2013 the idea was born to plan a network of trail rides in the Milan hinterland for a slow, enjoyable appreciation of a territory that is too often seen as a place to transit at high speed. The key goals are to observe, understand, comprehend the artistic and cultural relevance in order to drive the desire and wish to look after the territory around the Lombardy capital. The business "L'asino a regola d'arte" uses the facilities of the Agriturismo Culturale Didattico Murnee and works with the beekeeping enterprise "I Giardini di Euridice", with the aim of mainly proposing two activities. The first one is donkey trail rides in the Milan hinterland on a discovery tour to leverage the assets and cultures of the territory. This activity is offered to families or organised groups on weekends, and during the week when school is held, it is arranged for preschool and school children.

From September to October, slow trekking is offered in the hills of the Oltrepo Pavese area south of the river Po, using the wine estate Cascina San Giuseppe - operating since 1590 - as the base: the aim is to be able to offer the experience of picking and foot pressing grapes in wooden vats, then heading off to discover the small parish churches and farmhouses scattered across the nearby area. The second proposal consists of a play and recreation activity with the aim of introducing children of all ages to the world of donkeys, paying special attention to differently abled people. The ambition is to open up to international users, also taking advantage of the international EXPO 2015 held only 15 km from our operations centre. This project encompasses the inherent passions of nature, the social sphere, the world of donkeys, together with the skills in the sector of the history of art. In fact, the donkey is seen as the "tool" forming the basis to set out on a slow, rational discovery tour of the Milan hinterland.

Sail & Cycle by Letizia Salerno, Fabio Bellasai and Maria Lentini

 Scuola di Alti Studi in Economia del Turismo Culturale - Cattedra Edoardo Garrone 2013

The idea for Sail & Cycle srl emerged in 2013 on the basis of a specific desire - to leverage the Syracuse territory (and in the long term, the south east area of Sicily), and to introduce its many facets (cultural, environment, historical, archaeological, food and wine) to both locals and tourists on vehicles with a very low environmental impact: sailing boats and pushbikes.

The company is based in the UNESCO-listed Ortigia, in the heart of the city of Syracuse, and it intends to deliver two types of services: the hire of sailing boats, city bikes, mountain bikes and electric bikes, and the organisation of package holidays and customised tours for people with experience and an interest in cycling tourism and sailing tourism.

The products are designed both for local residents who want to explore their territory further, and for tourists, mainly from northern Europe (Germany, France, Scandinavia and Switzerland) who have for years now represented the biggest slice of tourism in the territory, and who increasingly want an all-round holiday, fully sustainable and respecting the environment and the landscape.

With a view to establishing responsible tourism, Sail & Cycle aims to make intelligence, sustainability and inclusiveness the three key principles of its approach, seeking to set up networks of relations with the main players in the territory - from local producers to tour operators, from local associations to the main tourism stakeholders through to residents and tourists. In this sense, the partnership with the Plemmirio consortium for the protection of the marine protected area is important.

In short, Sail & Cycle aims to make sensitive and innovative choices, by delivering a quality service, with an integrated tourist offer, highly structured around the territory, to the advantage of both that territory and its tourists.

Impact Hub Siracusa by Viviana Cannizzo

Scuola di Alti Studi in Economia del Turismo - Culturale Cattedra Edoardo Garrone 2007

In 2012, Viviana co-founded and became host manager of Hub Sicilia. Impact Hub is an international network of people interested in cooperating to develop their professional projects with an impact on the territory: it may be social, economic, cultural or environmental, the important thing is for the impact to be positive.

In Syracuse, by creating a collaborative ecosystem, Impact Hub connects people and professionals with different competences, who share a business spirit and love for the territory, and uses special events and services to promote the establishment of business initiatives and new professional figures in its premises in Ortigia.


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Y.E.A.S.T. Youth Europe Around Sustainability Tables by Monica Poggi

Turismo Culturale per lo Sviluppo dei Territorio - Santa Margherita Ligure 2011

Founded in 2012 by Monica Vanessa Poggi, Stefania Marongiu and Alessandro Boretti, Y.E.A.S.T. a social promotion association, mainly targets young Europeans. It was established with the aim of supporting international mobility and of promoting Liguria, and uses and develops informal education as a tool to include everyone.
#yeast #vimandiamoaquelpaese - we'll set you off - and help your ideas to travel!

The Association's mission can be summarised in five points:


  • Facilitate the mobility of Europeans to inspire a sense of “active citizenship”, solidarity and tolerance to educate the future of Europe
  • Act as a meeting place to encourage informal education
  • Constantly gain knowledge of new opportunities of the European Union connected to young people through technology 2.0
  • Expand intercultural exchange in the Ligurian territory
  • Promote the territory and the Ligurian traditions through events and initiatives involving citizens and tourists.

Find out more on the Site or on the Facebook page.


Scuola di Alti Studi in Economia del Turismo - Culturale Cattedra Edoardo Garrone 2013

Visit Marsala was launched in 2013 as an incubator for disseminating tourist information, recommending to visitors hotel accomodation facilities, restaurants where you can enjoy the finest food and wine, the wine cellars where you can find out about Marsala wine, tourist attractions, sports activities, events, and anything else that helps to make your experience in the Marsala territory unique.






Gianluca's second project is now at its version 2.0 also thanks to the setting up a business workshop in the course.

This is a real taste map that aims to introduce the traditional products of a place to travellers and to recommend where they can shop for and try out these products. Tourists can surf the web to find out straight away the traditional local dishes they will be visiting. By means of a virtuous circle, Palatofino can be used at the same time to also promote those businesses that stand out for the quality of their products and the authentic nature of their dishes. The community populated by the users themselves will recommend where to eat the best local dishes.

The platform is smart because it is based on the principle that if tourists can get as much quality information as possible, they can make informed choices and therefore be more satisfied with their stay.
Clients are mainly restaurants, cafés and bars, food and wine venues.




 Scuola di Alti Studi in Economia del Turismo Culturale - Cattedra Edoardo Garrone 2010

EUDA - Cultura Creativa aims to recreate a magical environment where children, teens and adults can find their own dimensions of freedom and creativity - in other words expressing themselves using the forms and approaches they are most comfortable with. It is all encompassed in a single word: happiness. "You need to do what you can make you happy - if we are happy, we have it all; if we aren't, we try to do everything in our power to get it". And the only way to be happy is to do what we like doing and be the way we want to be, according to our nature. EUDA took three years to come into being. It was a project presented while attending the course Scuola di Alti Studi in Economia del Turismo (2010) - organised by Fondazione Edoardo Garrone - where it was second of the 15 shortlisted projects.

The name was first changed from Gli Gnomi di Arc en ciel to EUDA. "EUDA" is the abbreviated form of the Greek word "eudaimonia" (happiness). "Nomen est omen", Latin for "the name is a sign", so the choice is of course not surprising. Then the workshops offered changed and the headquarters moved.

The concept was for Sicily, then it was rolled out in Foligno in 2013 and after two years it returned to its origins.

"You can't escape your roots and your destiny".

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