The goal of Progetto Appennino (Apennines Project) - very dear to Riccardo Garrone, who was also responsible for fostering and developing it - was to start up businesses in the Apennines to fully redevelop the significant environmental heritage, and more importantly the economic, social and cultural heritage of a mountain area that extends for almost 1500 km from Liguria to Sicily and covers more than 9 million hectares - 31.2% (just under one third) of Italy - but is only home to 18% of the national population. In the current difficult economic climate, this project can offer a real opportunity for new models of settlement and business creation. The project has two major goals: to create business in the Apennines by supporting rural and mountain start-ups and to get young entrepreneurs involved in the field of farming.



We are developing all the facets of the Progetto Appennino and of the project as a whole through a series of harmonious, synergic and carefully studied and evaluated initiatives. Based around a strategic theme, we are creating a network of private and public institutional partners and driving dialogue and debate with undertakings that have already seen the generation and application of models to redevelop the territory's resources. We are doing this in order to drive action to create a virtuous circle of interests, plans and activities and - a dimension long since abandoned - to bring the territory back as a source of opportunities for young generations and to boost the economic development of Italy as a whole.

The project's first steps

Appennino Summer Camp

The Appennino Summer Camp (Apennines Summer Camp) was held from 8 to 12 July 2013 in the splendid backdrop of the Parco delle Capanne di Marcarolo (Capanne di Marcarolo Natural Regional Park, province of Alessandria), the first step for the Progetto Appennino. The initiative was organised in association with the Regional Education Board of Liguria and Piedmont and the Festival della Scienza (Science Festival) and involved 35 of-age students from senior secondary schools in Liguria and Piedmont, giving them the chance to rediscover the mountains and their precious resources. In this setting, through classroom lessons and educational experiences in the field, these young people reconstructed a direct connection with the past, with the territory and its inhabitants, acquiring the tools to reprocess it and project it towards the future.


Exhibition “Appennino: un luogo per il futuro"

This exhibition - Apennines: a place for the future - ran from 23 October to 3 November 2013 as part of the eleventh Science Festival in Genoa. Part of the audio and visual material was gathered together during the Appennino Summer Camp, and the exhibition goal was to promote further awareness of the experience of the Apennines that Fondazione Edoardo Garrone had given these young people and to share with the general public positive values such as sustainable development, environmental protection, economic revival and the search for future opportunities.

Debate “Appennino: un luogo per il futuro”

On 31 October 2013, a debate - Apennines: a place for the future - was organised in association with the Science Festival as part of the "Futuro Prossimo" (near future) project between the Summer Camp participants and 70 students from all over Italy in order to promote the potential of the Apennines. The documentary "Appennino: un luogo per il futuro" (Apennines: a place for the future) made during the Appennino Summer Camp was screened during the debate. This was an important moment for these young people from a lot of different backgrounds to socialise and share their experience, in order to address issues connected to rediscovering the Apennines also in terms of a return to the traditional tradecrafts, rejuvenated by the energy of these young people and by the potential of modern technology.


The core initiative

ReStartApp is the core initiative of the Progetto Appennino.