Emozioni Giocate Onlus

What is it

A non-profit association established in Genoa in 2011 to protect the emotions of children with psychomotor problems connected to delayed learning, which is mainly manifested in their language.

The disability is handled through an innovative pathway of common sharing and growth. Play is used as the main tool, and the children participate in workshops involving music, theatre,



literature, drawing and painting that help stimulate and develop their cognitive skills. The Association's mission is to help all "fragile" children to fit in, and to turn their problems into resources, releasing their "emotions", consolidating their self-esteem and promoting personal development so they no longer have to feel "different" or "invisible".



La via dell’autonomia

The aim of this project is to construct an excellence whose goal is build a path to independence of individuals, so they can attain the basic tools they need to handle life, particularly as adults.
La via dell’autonomia (the path to independence) makes it possible to create new situations for young people where they are the ones who look after others, and not the contrary. When one of them can't do something, another one steps in, and this drives them to improve and to experiment more and more, without fear.
A team of expert psychologists and psychotherapists accompanies the young people involved with individual and group sessions, alternated with entertainment and relaxation, all totally respecting the times and needs of each person, and developing the following areas:


  • Communication: verbal and non-verbal communication by stimulating the children to want to make themselves understood;
  • Personal care: washing, dressing, undressing;
  • Movement: crossing the street, pedestrian crossings, traffic lights, recognising left and right, and consequently roads and crossroads. Taking a bus and getting a ticket;
  • Shopping and cooking: distinguishing the cutlery, the dishes, learning how to make a sandwich, opening a bottle of water etc.;
  • Money: learning its value, which involves being able to count and to recognise money.